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How To Relieve Back Pain At Home

Randy Hinze
 // October 2, 2020

Your back and spine is basically the foundation of your body. It is responsible for holding the lower and upper portions together, so it is subjected to a great deal of tension and stress from just holding everything together. So, when you add various lifestyle habits, such as sitting improperly, lack of sleep, injuries and improper bending and lifting; the result can be serious back pain. The good news is, along with visiting your chiropractor in Columbus, NE, there are a few easy things you can do at home to help ease the pain. Here are just a few of the ways to treat back pain at home.

Change Your Work Habits

Sitting a desk for 8-hours a day may not seem like a problem, but all of this sitting can actually wreak havoc on your back. If you work at a job that involves sitting for long periods at a time, you can help lessen your back pain by taking breaks; getting up, stretching and walking will help to improve blood circulation and prevent your body from getting stiff. It’s also best to use an ergonomic desk and chair, which will help you sit in the correct position.

Stay Hydrated & Eat Healthy

There is actually a link between how hydrated your body is, the food you eat and the health of your spine. Drinking plenty of water will help keep your body hydrated, which ultimately adds in the elasticity of your muscles and fluid that surrounds your joints and bones. Eating high calcium foods, such as milk, cheese and yogurt will help keep your bones strong, including the bones in your spine; when your spine is strong, it can help reduce the risk of painful back injuries.

Warm It Up

Overworking your back can result in lower back pain, which can be unbearable. Applying heat will help to increase the blood flow in the injured area, which will ultimately help to heal damaged muscles. Applying a heating pad or a warm wrap can also help to loosen tight muscles and relieve muscle spasms.

If you are looking for a good excuse to get a massage, a sore back is a great reason. Not only can a massage help you sleep better at night, which means you will get the rest required to heal sore muscles, but a massage can also help to improve blood flow, relax tight muscles and ease inflammation. Another great way to relieve chronic back pain is with acupuncture. If you have never had acupuncture treatments, contact a local chiropractor, such as Hinze Chiropractic Center to learn more information about the benefits of acupuncture and/or massage for back pain.

Call Hinze Chiropractic Center For Back Pain Relief

If you are experiencing back pain, contact Hinze Chiropractic Center in Columbus, NE to learn about the various treatment options we have available.

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